Innovative Networking for free companies!


We believe in a different way to dis/connect between professional and personal lives

We believe that collaborative innovation goes with collective performance

We believe that the Networking revolution goes through collaborative events

We create unique solutions: design, intuitive and easy to use




















Digital communication

«  Often people do not know what they want before you show it to them »

(Steve Jobs)


Happiness at work

« If you take care of your employees, they will take care of your business »

(Richard Branson)


Custom application

« Some want it to happen, some make it happen »

(Michael Jordan)

Why :

The collaborative networking application JetLike is leader in the area of Bleisure (business + leisure). Highlight your offers, events and shops. Target a business traveller, student and expat audience Benefit from a geolocated influence and a local, national and international visibility.

How :

  •   2 Offers:


–  List your establishment and/or offers

–  Spread your events in a geolocated way

–  Develop your business and community

–  Recommended for: Hotels, bars, restaurants, co-working …


–  Test your new products and/or services

–  Generate more traffic on your website/app

–  Touch your specific target

–  Recommended for : Startup, companies, incubators …

What :

–  Organize, develop and retain your ecosystem

–  Centralize and enrich your networks and partners on a daily basis

–  Create and circulate your event or advertising on demand

Why :

Connecting or disconnecting between professional and personal lives has never been easier with JetLike Pro
With new labor law obligations, the question is how to respond effectively to well-being, to PSR (psychosocial risks) and to the right to disconnect at the same time?
Transform your obligations into unique opportunities! We have solutions to collectively express quality of life at work and the phenomenon of Bleisure acclaimed by new generations

How :

The quality of life at work (wellness) and/or Bleisure (business + leisure) approaches involve distinguishing the objectives to be achieved and offering methods of actions to be defined by stages :

–  Design the approach

–  Make a diagnosis

–  Experiment

–  Perpetuate

JetLike Pro allows to understand and sustainably express new trends in the company
We create a tool facilitating the mission of “Chief Happiness Officer” for and at the disposal of the collaborators

What :

JetLike Pro is a dual profile mobile application, two separate accounts, independent and secure :

– Corporate account : internal collaborative networking

–  JetLiker account : external collaborative networking

Why :

Whatever the activity, digital has become the new standard of existence and development.
Today the needs are oriented toward mobile applications
Transform your business in a sustainable way, show and claim your differences :
Innovative Networking for liberated companies!

How :

Confronted to the lack of digital solutions to address the collaborative networking, Like Jet is the guarantee to materialize a unique application
Create a virtuous circle around your ecosystem and develop your communities

Stop to similar applications to competitors where only the logo and theme colors change

Do you want to have the choice in the development of a mobile application?
Like Jet is the possibility to choose between a customizable mobile platform with the unlimited addition of functionalities or the the ability to create a made to measure application from A to Z
Our solutions are agile and unique!

What :

–  White label mobile application

–  Unique made to measure mobile application

–  Native mobile apps

–  Unlimited additional features




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